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Queer history pop-up

Help to break down barriers of ignorance.

On December 11th at the St. Laurent Shopping Centre from 12:00-5:00 pm, we held our Queer History Pop-Up Resource Table. Where we had a resource table to give away booklets and colouring books on 2SLGBTQ+ history. This was funded by Celebrate Canada, and works towards folks in the Ottawa and greater are to be better informed about a community that has so much history that is often overlooked.

During the event, we had available to the public our very own 2SLGBTQ+ historian, Emma Awe, who contextualized your questions and provided valuable insight into the history of the

Left to right…Kevin Orange, Geoff Best, Kari Hanes, Vicente Conte.

queer community. Participants learned more about past and present organizations that have fought, and are still fighting against homophobia, transphobia and discrimination within the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

Also, part of this Queer History series is our short film highlights provided by The Village Legacy Project that illustrates the discriminations our community has felt over time. You can find out more information here!

We’ll also be debuting our very own short film for our Commemorate Canada program!


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