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Executive Board Member - TREASURER

Terms of Employment: Unpaid Volunteer Position

Anticipated Start Date: November/December 2020, negotiable. 

Salary: N/A

Languages: English (French is an asset)

Education: Post-secondary degree in accounting/business/economics and/or CPA designation

Experience: experience in non-profit financial management; demonstrated allyship to or direct experience as part of 2SLGBTQSIA+ communities; 1-2 years experience in non-profit management/governance would be an asset 

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: participate in monthly board meetings; chair the Finance Committee; provide leadership in your areas of expertise to the Centre, including guiding or contributing to the work of managing the finances for the organization; advise Executive Director, Finance Committee and Board of Directors on finance policy and budgeting; develop and maintain financial systems in line with best practice for non-profits.


  • Over 18 years of age 
  • Does not have a bankruptcy status 
  • Knowledge of and experience in not-for-profit financial management
  • Accounting/CPA designation or similar education (e.g., background in economics)
  • Knowledge of not-for-profit governance
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills in order to work collaboratively with other Board Members, senior management and other stakeholders
  • Experience chairing committee meetings and leading their activities
  • Demonstrated allyship to and/or lived experience in 2SLGBTQIA+ Communities
  • Demonstrated commitment to the vision, mission, values and principles of CCGSD
  • Proficiency in French is an asset

Scope of Position

The CCGSD is seeking a volunteer Treasurer to join its Board with professional financial management/oversight experience and/or training. The Treasurer will be asked at a minimum to attend monthly Board meetings and to chair the Finance Committee. The Treasurer will also lend their expertise to the Executive Director and the Board as needed in guiding and supporting the management of the finances for the organization.  

Additionally, the Treasurer is an Officer of the Corporation with signing authority and participates in Executive Committee meetings on an as-needed basis to support the Human Resources Management of the Executive Director (an estimated 2-3 meetings per year). As well, the Treasurer participates as a Board Member in overall decision-making and supports CCGSD endeavours and governance. Finally, Directors of the CCGSD Board are ex-officio (by virtue of their position) appointed as Members of the Corporation at and vote in the Director Member class at the AGM and at any Special Meeting of the Members. 

CCGSD is currently overhauling its financial systems to bring them in line with industry best practices and is updating its Finance Policy and procedures. We need your help to do this both quickly and successfully. 

We are seeking candidates who are willing to make a minimum of three (3) year commitment

General Responsibilities:

The Treasurer oversees the financial matters of CCGSD in line with best practices and in accordance with Bylaw 2 and all applicable legal requirements and reports to the Board of Directors at regular intervals about the financial health of CCGSD. The Treasurer ensures that effective financial measures, controls and procedures are put in place, that they are in accordance with applicable standards, and that they are appropriate for CCGSD.

Specific Individual Responsibilities:

  1. Reports the current financial position of CCGSD at each Board meeting, including updates on the financial health and spending of the organization and ensures their report is recorded in the minutes. 
  2. Ensures all financial decisions taken are recorded in the Board minutes.
  3. Liaises with staff responsible for the financial management of CCGSD, especially the Executive Director. 
  4. Oversees the financial matters of the Board and ensures other directors are adequately informed of finance related issues. 
  5. Provides financial information in support of decision making by the Board.
  6. Acts as a counter‐signatory on CCGSD cheques and any applications for funds.
  7. Chairs the finance committee in line with standing orders and approved Terms of Reference, and reports on the work of the committee to the Board.
  8. Liaises with the CCGSD’s auditor or public accountant, where appropriate in order to monitor and advise on the financial viability of CCGSD.
  9. Liaises with the external bookkeeper of CCGSD on an as needed basis.

Specific Responsibilities with Finance Committee Support

  1. Develops, reviews and supports the implementation of procedures for the day‐to‐day accounting and financial practices to ensure clarity about their roles, responsibilities and communication practices 
  2. Oversees the preparation of and presents the annual budget, cash-flow reports, bank, credit and management accounts, reserve accounts and financial statements to the Board of Directors
  3. Ensures that proper accounts and records are kept, ensuring financial resources are spent and invested in line with the CCGSD’s policies, good governance, legal and regulatory requirements 
  4. Develops and implements financial, reserve and investment policies 
  5. Advises on the financial implications of CCGSD’s strategic plan and Board Policies
  6. Ensures that CCGSD annual accounts are compliant with the CRA guidelines 
  7. Works collaboratively with Directors and staff to ensure the T3010B is submitted to CRA in an accurate and timely manner.


Please send a cover letter and resume detailing why you want to join the Board of Directors at CCGSD, and highlighting the skills and abilities you bring to the table, to the Board of Directors, at board@ccgsd-ccdgs.org. Candidates who best respond to the above qualifications will be invited to an informal interview with the President and interim Treasurer of the Board via video chat. If successful, you will be invited to meet with our Executive Director and the staff member who sits on the Finance Committee. Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

The following links will provide you with an overview of the organization, its programs and its priorities. Please contact Calla Barnett, President at calla@ccgsd-ccdgs.org if you have any questions regarding this posting.

By-laws (December 19, 2019)

2019 Financial Statements

Permanent Staff and Board Biographies

Program Descriptions

Campaign Descriptions




This year, the Centre is looking for remote volunteers to help with outreach and promotion of our online programming.  If you are interested in volunteering, gaining valuable and marketable skills in such areas as event coordination, fundraising, public speaking, database management, networking, and social media.

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