Brandon Bourcier

Brandon Bourcier originates from Espanola Ontario, which boasts two Tim Hortons and three sets of traffic lights. Yearning for bigger and better things, he moved to Ottawa in 2010 to pursue a bachelors degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. Always trying to stay as involved with the community as possible, he played on multiple intramural sports teams throughout his university career on top of working with the Special Olympics Ottawa Charter, and being elected as the Philanthropic ...

Eliot K. Waddingham

Eliot K. Waddingham is the Team Education Coordinator for the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity. Eliot was born in Kingston, Ontario but thinks all the best parts of their personality were cultivated during their summers in the East Coast, especially Moncton, NB and on Grand Manan Island. They like to think of themselves as a “Half-timer” (as opposed to the classic ‘Maritimer’). Eliot holds an Honour’s Bachelor of Arts with a Specialization in History from the University of Otta...

Day of Pink 2017 Gala Award Winners

 Lori Jean Hodge This award is dedicated to Lori Jean Hodge: Sept 4th 1961 - July 2016. Singer, sister, actor, activist, friend. Lori Jean dedicated her life to helping others and died as she lived, with compassion, love, spirit and kindness. Lori Jean Hodge arrived in the National Capital region from Winnipeg in the early 90’s and quickly became a vibrant part of Ottawa’s music scene. An accomplished singer and songwriter in her own right, she honed her vocal chops in the R&B band, ‘...

Jeremy Piamonte

Jeremy Piamonte hails from the St. Lawrence Valley, where he was raised until moving to Ottawa in 2011 to receive a post-secondary education in Theatre Arts at Algonquin College. While studying theatre, he put much of his effort into youth empowerment through the arts and education. It was his involvement in this and through organizations like the Youth Infringement Festival that inspired him to pursue roles in event management centred on youth. Having always witnessed discrimination and bull...

Celebrate Rupert!

Greetings People! I’m inviting you to my 65th Birthday/Retirement Celebration hosted by The 519 Community Centre - specifically, Robyn Letson (Coordinator of Trauma-Informed Counselling Services) and Becky McFarlane (Director of Programs & Community Services).   Date:                          Friday, February 3rd (6 pm) Location:                   The 519 Community Centre 519 Church Street, Toronto The Ballroom (2nd floor) Accessibility:            Mobility-accessible ...

Jefferson Morris IV

Jefferson Morris IV (yes, he is actually the fourth) works as the Sports Inclusion Coordinator with the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity. He was born in Halifax and still calls good ol’ Nova Scotia home, but he has also lived (and indeed, grown up) in Kuwait, Pennsylvania, Montreal, Glasgow, and now – Ottawa! He is 25, a Libra (but near the cusp of Scorpio), has Canadian-American dual citizenship, and speaks English, Spanish, and French.   Jefferson (or “Jefe” or ...

Team Education November Update

November was a big month for Team Education! I had the chance to visit 8 different schools and participate in the Rainbow Youth Forum! Participating in the Rainbow Youth Forum was such an enriching experience! I had the opportunity to present our new workshop, Talking Pan/Bi and Other Sexual workshop, which explores sexualities beyond gay and lesbian. The participants were very passionate and engaged during the presentation and we got to hear a lot about people’s own experiences. I also had th...

GSA Forum 2017

Hello! Congratulations on your acceptance - we are so excited to have you join us at this year's Forum! As the Forum approaches we will be updating this page with important documents, lists, forms, and the like. Please check back here every so often to stay up to date! Important Documents   Participant Registration Package Draft Schedule 3.0 Glossary of Terms Suggested Packing List GSA Action Book GSA Forum 2015 Final Report Staff and Volunteer Profiles   Sarah Littisha Jans...