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2SLGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health Project

How’s your mental health?

The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) would like to present a new project with resources focused on 2SLBTQ+ youth and their mental health (specifically in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic). 

CCGSD strives to ensure that the safety and security of queer youth is of priority, especially as it can manifest itself physically, mentally and emotionally. While creating safe(r) spaces for 2SLGBTQ+ youth, tackling issues that they are currently facing is of utmost importance. On top of struggling to understand and navigate different parts of their identity, COVID-19 has also severely impacted their well-being.

To analyze how this epidemic has truly impacted youth in Canada, we had folks fill out a survey with various questions to gauge how youth have been feeling, and what resources they were looking for to help support them. Below are some of the results:


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With this project, we’ve created a collection of resources that support the well-being of gender and sexually diverse youth. We hope that with these resources, we can encourage feelings of comfort and confidence as well as feelings of support and resilience to overcome any obstacles that may impact Canadian youth, specifically within queer communities. 

We’d love to thank our partners Firegrove and Juxtapose Consultancy for supporting this project, helping us gather data and edit and produce our videos.

Make sure to follow us over on our TikTok and our Instagram pages; that’s where we’ll be posting the majority of our mental health content! 

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