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Rest, Rebuild, Reflect

The Next Steps of CCGSD’s Organizational Journey


As the fiscal year comes to a close, the CCGSD is excited to announce the newest chapter of our organizational journey. Our Board of Directors, management, staff, and volunteers are coming together in fiscal year 2021-2022 with a common goal to Rest, Reflect, Rebuild.

It’s been a tough year and CCGSD has changed a lot! We’re taking some much-needed steps forward to prioritize the needs of our staff and the communities we serve. We’re also digging deep to think about what our organization has to offer, what we should improve upon, and reimagining our future. 

Our Board of Directors and Executive Director have outlined CCGSD’s key priorities for this next chapter. We hope to improve our human resources, strengthen our fundraising, and increase our public engagement. 

Rest: This year we’ve been hard at work transforming our programs for digital spaces, expanding community through social media, and moving forward in a COVID-19 world. It’s been a busy time so during our all-staff retreat we’ll be checking in on our capacity, planning our future, celebrating our growth, and taking a breather before diving into the next fiscal year. 

Reflect: We’ve been reflecting on our work and are in the process of engaging external consultants to support us as we integrate best practices in our ways of working with regard to impact assessment and evaluation, human resources, communications, and fundraising. This introspective work is crucial to identifying opportunities for transformation.

Rebuild: We’re operationalizing these strategic priorities for the next fiscal year and reimagining how we do our work to better serve 2SLGBTQ+ communities and support our staff. With improved fundraising we’ll be able to ensure the financial health of our organization. We’ll be improving our internal ways of working with updated policies and procedures, and by focusing on public engagement, we’ll help build new relationships while also fostering the ones that we value. 


Our internal work is vital to being able to deliver more insightful and meaningful programming to 2SLGBTQ+ communities across Canada and we’re excited for what the future holds. Look out for more updates from us, including a new ED Blog post from Debbie coming soon! 


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