Resources for Transgender, Intersex & Two-Spirit People

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Educational Resources for Transgender, Intersex & Two-Spirit People (including Gender Non-Conforming Youth & Trans Seniors)

Illustration, left: Rupert Raj, c.1999, coloured pencil by Maya Suess, National Portrait Collection, The ArQuives: Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Archives

Rupert Raj (66) has been a Eurasian-Canadian, pansexual, trans activist since 1971, founding six support groups/service organizations for transsexuals and crossdressers. As a former psychotherapist/gender consultant from 2000 to 2015, he counselled queer, transgender, genderqueer, intersex and Two-Spirit people.

In 2013, he was inducted into The ArQuives (formerly the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives), where “the Rupert Raj Fonds” are housed. His three books include “Trans Activism in Canada: A Reader” (co-edited with Dan Irving, Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2014), “Of Souls & Roles, Of Sex & Gender: A Treasury of Transsexual, Transgenderist & Transvestic Verse from 1967 to 1991” (unpublished, 2017, revised 2018; available online through the Transgender Archives and the Digital Transgender Archive), and “Dancing the Dialectic: True Tales of a Transgender Trailblazer (1st edition) (self-published, 2017). The second of Rupert’s memoir will be released through TransGender Publishing in April 2020.

The following is a collection of educational files compiled or written by Rupert Raj, covering a range of topics such navigating healthcare as a person of trans experience, as well as resources for certain subgroups of the community.  This collection was donated by Rupert Raj in 2016, and following his retirement in May 2015, is maintained by the CCGSD.

Click on the resources below to download them:

1. Resources for Trans People, Gender Non-Conforming Youth, Their Loved Ones & Helping Professionals

Online Position Papers

  1. Gapka, Susan, Rupert Raj, Kathy Chow, Jean Clipsham, Elaine Hampson, Judith MacDonnell et al. Trans Health Project. A position paper and resolution adopted by the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA), (Toronto), 2003.
  2. Ibid. Trans Health Project. Revisions to the position paper. Toronto: Ontario Public Health Association, 2004.

Journal Papers

  1. Raj, Rupert. “Towards a transpositive therapeutic model: Developing clinical sensitivity and cultural competence in the effective support of transsexual and transgendered clients.” International Journal of Transgenderism, 2002, 6(2): Symposion.
  2. Raj, Rupert. “Transactivism as therapy: A client-self-empowerment model linking personal and social agency.” Journal of Gay & Lesbian Psychotherapy (co-published in Activism in LGBT Psychology Practice (3&4)). Haworth Press, 2007.
  3. Wassersug, Richard, Ross E. Gray, Angela Barbara, Christine Trosztmer, Rupert Raj, Christina Sinding. “Experiences of Transwomen with Hormone Therapy.” Journal of Sexualities. Feb. 1, 2007, 10(1): 101-122.
  4. Raj, Rupert. “Trans forming couples and families: A transformative therapeutic model for working with the loved ones of trans-identified and gender-divergent people.” Journal of GLBT Family Studies. Haworth Press, 2008, 4(1).

Unpublished Papers/Articles

  1. Raj, Rupert, & Celia Schwartz. “A collaborative preparedness and informed consent model: Guidelines to assess trans candidates for readiness for hormone therapy and supportive counselling throughout the gender transitioning process.” (Sept. 12, 2012; rev. May 1, 2015, unpublished).
  2. Raj, Rupert. “Depsychopathologizing Gender Diversity & Improving Trans Healthcare in Canada.” (Sept. 10, 2019, rev. Dec. 6, 2019, unpublished). 


Book Chapters

[Note: Each web link accesses only the book anthology, not the specific book chapter.]

  1. Raj, Rupert. “My Male Metamorphosis: Man in the Making (A personal and political perspective).” In Vern Bullough, Bonnie Bullough, & James Elias, eds. GENDER BLENDING. Buffalo: Prometheus Books, 1997, 480-484.
  2. Raj, Rupert. “Zening the Art of Trans Activism.” In Dan Irving, & Rupert Raj, eds. TRANS ACTIVISM IN CANADA: A Reader. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2014, 85-91.
  3. Raj, Rupert. “Worlds in Collision.” In Chambers, Stephanie, Jane Farrow, Maureen FitzGerald, Ed Jackson, John Lorinc, Tim McCaskell, Rebecka Sheffield, Tatum Taylor, and Rahim Thawer, eds. ANY OTHER WAY: How Toronto Got Queer. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2017, 154-157.
  4. Raj, Rupert. “Glimmerings of My Trans-Male Identity.” In Margot Wilson & Aaron Devor, eds. GLIMMERINGS: Trans Elders Tell Their Stories. Victoria: TransGender Publishing, 2019, 165-182.
  5. Raj, Rupert. “Trans, Intersex, Two-Spirit & Queer Elders.” In Jude Patton & Margot Wilson, eds. TRANSCESTORS: Navigating LGBTQ+ Aging, Illness and End of Life Decisions. Vol. I: “Generations of Hope.” Victoria: TransGender Publishing, Sept. 2020, 127-143, End Notes (84-133): 281-283.
  6. Raj, Rupert. “Feline Friends, Canine Companions.” In Jude Patton & Margot Wilson, eds. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Stories of LGBTQ+ People and our Emotional Bonds with Companion Animals. Victoria: TransGender Publishing, expected in 2021/2022.



  1. Irving, Dan, & Rupert Raj, eds. TRANS ACTIVISM IN CANADA: A Reader. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2014.
  2. Raj, Rupert. DANCING THE DIALECTIC: True Tales of a Transgender Trailblazer (2nd ed.). Victoria: TransGender Publishing, 2020.

18. Raj, Rupert, ed. “OF SOULS & ROLES, OF SEX & GENDER: A Treasury of Transsexual, Transgenderist & Transvestic Verse from 1967 to 1991.” Unpublished, Jan. 1, 2017, rev. July 1, 2018. Transgender Archives:—numbered.pdf; and Digital Transgender Archive:

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