Rose-Ingrid is Black with a short black afro laughing. She is wearing silver earrings, a black shirt and a black and grey sweater.
Keynote: Rose-Ingrid Benjamin (she/they)

Raised in Ottawa Rose-Ingrid Benjamin (she/they) is a member of the Haitian diaspora settled in what is commonly known as Canada. She has performed as a singer, poet, comedian, and actor across Canada and the US with credits including, Hart House Theatre, The Extreme Tour, Creative Mornings, Orlando Fringe, and Oh Canada Eh? Rose-Ingrid is passionate about issues surrounding racial justice, LGBTQ+ inclusion and endeavours to create art that speaks to those realities. A graduate of Seneca College’s Independent Music Production and Concordia’s Microprogram in Film Producing and Screenwriting, they currently serve as the Community Connection Lead for the National Arts Centre English Theatre while continuing to create as a performer, writer and producer dedicated to telling diverse stories on stage and on screen.


This photo is a portrait of Hasina, a dark-skinned Black woman. The background is blurry. She is at the forefront wearing a black vest on top of a white blouse. Her hair is in armpit-length box braids. It is in a half-up half-down style, tied together by a white, yellow, blue, and red Ankara scarf. The box braid framing the left side of her face is wrapped in gold thread. She is also wearing neutral everyday makeup and medium size gold hoops. She is smiling (without teeth) toward the camera.
Hasina Kamanzi (she/her)

Hasina is a multidisciplinary, self-taught visual artist and community organizer. Before the pandemic, you could have found her live painting at your favorite events or tabling at an art market. Nowadays, you can catch her sharing memes on her Instagram stories or giving art workshops via Zoom when she is not painting away her wildest afro-futurist dreams. Her personal artwork focuses on an optimistic reimaging of the future through exploring her own self and the past, both personal and collective. She was most recently reimagining love for the Ottawa Art Gallery’s ‘How I love You’ exhibition.

Title of Workshop: “The Radical History of ZineMaking”

What the hell are zines and where do they even come from? This workshop answers this question (and more!) as it will walk you through the medium’s origins and the various ways it has been used as a self-expression and community-building tool. You will even learn design basics in order to make your very own zine digitally or with minimal materials.

Attached is a photo of a Queer Non-Binary Filipino with partly shaved head and long hair on the side, looking at the photographer. The person is wearing black metal cat eye shaped glasses, red bold lipstick, a black leather jacket overtop a cream colored t-shirt with a black neckline trim. In the background is a forest of tall green banana leaves.
Andi Vicente (They/Them)

Andi Vicente (they/them) is an artist currently based in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal. Their interdisciplinary practice consists of working with different communities and broadening an understanding of oppressed experiences. Currently they are the Queering Arts Coordinator for Project 10, an organization that supports and promotes personal, social, sexual and mental well being for 2LGBTQ+ youth and adults (14-25). Through installation, writing and image making, Andi strives to encourage collective empowerment through the answering of the questions “Who is not here with us?” and “How can I be there for you?”

Title of Workshop: “Ultraviolet Waves: The Spectrum of Futurisms”

A workshop on voice amplification, image making, and cognitive dissonance. 

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