Not Just The Tip Toolkit

Not Just the Tip Toolkit

About the Toolkit

More than ever educators, parents & caregivers, and community organizations need resources and training to be able to confidently provide comprehensive sexuality education to youth. This is why we created the Not Just the Tip Toolkit: a resource that gives you the support you need to strengthen your skills to teach comprehensive sexual health education.

The toolkit includes five modules that allow educators, parents & caregivers, and community organizations to engage in: introspection into their positionality and roles; critical thinking about the field of sexual health education; and skill-building in some neglected areas and approaches to sexual health education.

How to use the toolkit

  • Read the Not Just the Tip Toolkit
  • Use the exercises in the toolkit in your classrooms
  • Recommend the toolkit to youth
Parents & Caregivers
  • Read the Not Just the Tip Toolkit with youth in your life
  • Recommend the toolkit to other parents & caregivers
  • Ask your kids’ school and educators to use the toolkit and to book CCGSD’s workshops on comprehensive sexuality education
Community Organizations
  • Recommend the Not Just the Tip Toolkit on your website and other platforms
  • Partner with CCGSD to create events that show the communities you work with how they can use the toolkit
  • Use the toolkit in your training of staff in your organization working with youth

Still unsure how you can use the toolkit? Contact us at 

Not Just the Tip Toolkit Modules Overview

Module 1

This module offers reflection questions and exercises to set you up to be able to teach sex ed to youth without having to position yourself as an expert.

Module 2

This module focuses on the question of how we can use our power as educators, parents & caregivers or community organizations to create positive learning experiences for students while teaching sex ed.

Module 3

This module explores approaches and encourages learners to consider sexuality as a potential source of positive self-expression and connection.

Module 4

This module offers facilitation strategies to create a sex education experience that makes learning easier and more effective for youth and for us. The focus is on taking the skills you’ve already developed in other spheres of your life and applying them to a sex ed context.

Module 5

This module gives you strategies to help you continue to create and deliver effective, positive sex education for youth.

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