CCGSD’s LGBTQ2 Action Plan Survey and Findings

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CCGSD’s LGBTQ2 Action Plan Survey Report & Findings


In the Spring of 2021, the Government of Canada invited civil society organizations, including the CCGSD, to provide a written submission to help inform the LGBTQ2 Action Plan. Over a two-week period in May 2021, CCGSD created a survey to better understand what policy areas matter the most to 2SLGBTQ+ communities and allies across Canada. The survey results informed our written submission for the LGBTQ2 Action plan as well to provide CCGSD with knowledge on how it can better serve 2SLGBTQ+ communities across Canada.

As an organization striving towards guidance by feminist principles, CCGSD strongly values collaborating with diverse, like-minded organizations and community representatives to consider what policy areas are impacting our communities the most to understand and develop advocacy strategies that honour the complexities of the diverse communities we serve. For us, the survey provided a much-needed opportunity to utilize a new approach to community engagement to build a deeper appreciation of the challenge we need to understand when informing policy. Additionally, it was a process of ensuring that community concerns and recommendations go directly to those with decision-making power within the Federal government.


The report provides a synthesis of the written submission to the LGBTQ2 Secretariat by CCGSD. Click here or on the image to read or download our full report.
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