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Lush Cosmetics: How to Be a Trans Ally

Today, beauty brand Lush Cosmetics will launch a 14-day North American campaign in partnership with the CCGSD, to bring visibility to the discrimination and stigma trans & non-binary people experience. This campaign aims to spread awareness through fundraising & starting crucial conversations, leading towards acts of allyship that express trans rights as human rights.

This campaign visuals include voices from trans & non-binary staff who work at Lush, and will include:
  • training for all Lush staff, and new strategies to create a positive working environment for trans & non-binary employees;
  • strategies to include all-gender restrooms in stores & malls
  • signing onto the UN’s LGBTI Standards of Conduct for Business;
  • outreaching to customers on the lived experiences of trans & non-binary persons in North America;
  • and, efforts to engage customers and communities on how to be better trans allies.
The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity is proud to stand with trans & non-binary Lush employees who have been working incredibly hard at making this North American Trans Awareness Campaign!
Watch the campaign videos:
In addition to the incredible goals of social awareness, the campaign will also sell a limited edition bubble bar called Inner Truth which will raise funds for the National Center for Transgender Equality and the CCGSD. The campaign will also highlight Charity Pot partners including:
Safety, employment and housing are basic human rights, and through a stronger focus, on trans awareness and allyship, we can ensure that transphobic violence and gender-based discrimination is not tolerated, from the federal lawmaking down to the community level.
This includes legislation, policy change and public education.
2018 must be the year we break free of these horrific trends. Only by educating ourselves and others can we commit to becoming stronger, louder allies, and create a more inclusive, accepting society for all.
Learn more at one of the 250 Lush shops in North America and join us in starting a dialogue for change. 
Check out the media coverage:
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