CCGSD Capital Pride events!

Join us for Pride!

This year the Centre is proud to present a whole week of fabulous PRIDE events. We acknowledge theses events take place on unceded Algonquin territory. With our staff Two-Spirit Advisors  we will be doing land acknowledgement and reconciliation activities.

Please check out our events below. We also encourage you to check out these fabulous community events:

ATTENTION: We are holding a PHOTO CONTEST during our Pride Events! Catch us with out CCGSD Museum Banner at any CCGSD Pride Event in the month of August and get a chance to win tickets to Toronto or Montrea

l by ViaRail! If you have taken a photo with us, fill out the form below!

Winners will be announced WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29th, 2018!

Pride Week at the Centre

 (August 2018)










Enjoy an evening of stimulating discussion on the importance of transgender inclusion with a variety of queer and trans youth panelists by the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity! As well, enjoy a comfortable venue and light refreshments provided by Whole Foods at Lansdowne! August 15th from 5-7pm!

Joignez nous pour une soirée de discussion stimulante avec le Centre Canadien de la Diversité des Genres et de la Sexualité au sujet de l’importance de l’inclusion des gens transgenres avec une variété de jeunes panélistes LGBTQ2S+! Prenez plaisir dans notre lieu confortable et rafraîchissements fournis par Whole Foods à Lansdowne! Le 15 août de 17h-19h!


Here is our line-up of panellists this year:

Andrew Kenney (pronouns he/him): Andrew grew up in Ottawa, and is now a first year archaeology student at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He is his Students Union’s first Trans Students Representative and is currently a member of the Capital Pride Youth Committee. He is currently working as a summer community coordinator with the CCGSD.

Leah Leduc (pronouns he/him, they/them, she/her): Leah is a Sociology student at Carleton University, with an interest in media and pop-culture.  Identifying as gender-fluid, they are very interested in representation of LGBTQ+ in media and the ongoing struggles to find inclusive space in the social media world.

Nathan Hoo (pronouns he/him): Nathan is a student at the University of Ottawa, in the French Common Law Program. He is fascinated by new technologies and the implications they will have on the legal profession. As a passionate advocate for diversity and LGBT rights, Nathan has worked and volunteered for a number of LGBT organizations in Ottawa and Toronto for over 15 years.

Major Kathryn Foss CD BSc MEng (pronouns she/her), has been a member of the Canadian Armed Forces since 1987. She is currently employed with Director General Military Careers responding to Ministerial Inquiries. Kathryn is a transgender woman who began her transition in fall of 2016. She has struggled for her whole life to fit in to her biological role, some of the more difficult periods being during her employment with the Canadian Army. After facing both mental and physical health issues due to severe anxiety, she first attempted to come out as a gay man and failed to find the peace and ease she was seeking. Much soul searching and supportive friends lead Kathryn to be the confident and happy woman who you see before you today.
Her life journey over the past few years which has given her front-line experience in the areas of diversity, inclusion and gender identity, and she speaks in these areas. Kathryn took part in the Government of Canada Positive Space Initiative “Train the trainer” course in October 2016, and she has used her training to provide advice and assistance to the production of diversity and transgender policy within the Canadian Armed Forces. Kathryn is a kind and compassionate soul, who is working hard to find a new “normal” after realizing the impacts her transition had on those in her life she cares about, including two grown children.

Gemma Starlight (pronouns she/her): Gemma, a trans woman of colour, is a full-time nerd with a focus on collectable card games and video games. As a former Women’s and Gender Studies student, She is a passionate advocate for trans inclusion in digital spaces. While currently seeking out local efforts for further community engagement, She is working as a Health and Beauty associate at Wal-Mart and a local experimental artist.  

Roberto Aburto (Host)


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Join us for a night of hysterical laughs with North America’s best LGBTQ2+ comedians whose stories will leave you rolling on the floor while also paying tribute to LGBTQ2+ culture and entertainment! We’ll be at Yuk Yuk’s on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of August. Check out their website for details!

Joignez nous pour une soirée pleine de rires avec les meilleurs comédiens LGBTQ2+ à travers l’Amérique du Nord. Leurs histoires hilarantes rendront hommage à la culture LGBTQ2+! Nous serons à Yuk Yuk’s le 16, 17 et 18 août. Visitez leur site-web  ou la nôtre pour en savoir plus!

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The Capital Pride Boat Cruise is now at Ottawa’s coolest Patio! Join at us Kinki Lounge & Kitchen for a patio party, beats, appetizers and more. Book your tickets now for August 20th from 6-8pm! Thanks to Capital Pride for their sponsorship of this event!!

La soirée croisière est maintenant à Kinki! T’es invité à Kinki Lounge & Kitchen pour une soirée sur le patio, avec la musique,des collations & des surprises. Réservez vos billets aujourd’hui pour le 20 août, 18h à 20h! Merci à Fierté dans la Capitale pour leur subvention de l’évènement!! 

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Enjoy an afternoon filled with fresh handmade cosmetic samples, snacks and prizes at LUSH with the Canadian Centre of Gender and Sexual Diversity! We’ll be talking to folks about our upcoming projects while you carouse LUSH’s lovely selection of ethical cosmetics! FREE! Just drop by Lush in the Rideau Centre anywhere from 12-4pm!

Venez passer un après-midi plein de produits de beauté faits à la main, collations, et prix à LUSH avec le Centre Canadien de la Diversité des Genres et de la Sexualité! Vous pouvez apprendre au sujet de nos projets actuels, tout en regardant produits éthiques de LUSH! GRATUIT! Venez tout simplement à LUSH au centre Rideau entre 12h et 16h!  










March in Canada’s Capital Pride Parade with the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity! Sit inside our truck or march and dance alongside it to music by DJ Carbonite! Also, check out our mini-train provided by Via-Rail Canada in celebration of their 40th anniversary and their donation to our GSA forum! Book your spot with us for free and give us your T-Shirt size using the link below!

Please note we have a limited number of t-shirts.

Marchez dans la défilée Fierté dans la Capitale avec le Centre Canadien de la Diversité des Genres et de la Sexualité! Montez dans notre camion ou marchez et dansez à côté au musique de DJ Carbonite! Aussi, nous aurons un mini-train grâce à Via Rail Canada pour célébrer leur 40ième anniversaire et leur don pour notre forum GSA! Réservez votre place gratuitement avec nous et indiquez votre taille de t-shirt en utilisant le lien ci-dessous.

SVP notez que nous avons seulement 150 t-shirts.

RSVP your spot to march with us here

Notes for Marchers:

For those marching, your call time is from 12:30pm-1:15pm and you will be meeting at Argyle st, somewhere from Argyle and Bank to Argyle and Elgin. When you arrive, there will be a CCGSD member of staff present (wearing the museum t-shirt and with signage) to hand you a t-shirt and water. You will be waiting here, at the designated marchers area, until the parade officially begins from 1:30pm onward.
We have been notified that we will be marching near the end of the parade, and thus, our marching will formally begin around 2:15pm-2:30pm. It should conclude by 3:30pm. About 10 minutes before we are to start marching, volunteers from CCGSD and Capital Pride will usher marchers into position. As the parade is its largest this year, marchers and floats are separate until the parade begins, in order to preserve space.
Some final things to remember:
  • If you require more information or are interested in the parade route, please go online
  • Although we will be placing heavy items in the Truck marching with CCGSD, the vehicles will end at another site. Vehicles will turn left, while marchers continue onto the community fair. Please pack lightly and remember that if you do place items on the truck, that it will finish in a different location.
  • There will be some time in between the check-ins and the beginning of the march, please be prepared for this and take all necessary precautions in order to have a pleasant day. There will be water available, provided by Eska, and some granola bars provided by CCGSD.
  • Please consider bringing umbrellas or a rain ponchos as there is a possibility that it will rain. Pride is a rain or shine event and we will be marching regardless.
  • If you are having difficulty finding us, you can reach us at the CCGSD office line, call or text, at 613-400-1875
  • If you have other questions, please contact Cameron the office manager at: 










Come check out the CCGSD booth at the Pride Street Fair at the end of the Pride Parade for some information about our projects and goals, with some buttons and merchandise to sell as well! In addition, we are happy to be pairing with LoveisLoveisLove who will be running a photo booth where you can have your pictures taken with your friends or special someone! Just drop by!

Venez visiter le kiosque CCDGS à la foire de la rue Bank à Fierté dans la Capitale pour obtenir de l’information au sujet de nos projets et objectifs. Nous aurons des boutons et de la marchandise à vendre aussi! Nous sommes excités de travailler avec LoveisLoveisLove, qui auront une kiosque ou vous pourriez faire prendre votre photo avec vos amis ou quelqu’un de spécial! Tous sont la bienvenue!