Statement: CCGSD in Support of Ontario Education Workers Amidst Potential Protest

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Statement: CCGSD in support of Ontario Education Workers Amidst Potential Protest

November 2, 2022

The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity stands in solidarity with Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) education workers across Ontario, and supports them in walking off the job this Friday to defend their rights as workers. 

The province-wide protest, set to occur on November 4th, is in response to the growing wage restraints on education workers. Insufficient wages for education workers have a direct impact on the wellbeing of workers and the quality of education for youth across Ontario. 

The Ontario government’s recent legislation forcing education workers back to work is a direct attack on the constitutionally protected right to strike and severely obstructs education workers from advocating for good working conditions. 

CCGSD strongly believes that education workers are the backbone of Canadian schools and play a vital role in youth development. All workers deserve to earn a fair, living wage. Furthermore, an attack on one right is an attack on all rights, and we are deeply concerned by the implications this decision could pose for the rights of 2SLGBTQI+ people in Ontario, including those protecting gender identity and expression.

We support education workers in their demands to: 

  • Keep education worker wages above the poverty line, especially under current inflation pressures
  • Improve the quality of education
  • Meet student needs with increased support from educational assistants, early childhood educators, youth workers, and more. 
  • Ensure there are enough clerical workers to run schools safely and smoothly 
  • Guarantee healthier cleaning standards and tackle maintenance backlogs
  • Keep all schools libraries open for students

Join us in standing alongside CUPE education workers in their fight for equitable wages and good learning conditions by signing their petition today.


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