Become a Volunteer with Team Education!

Hey folks!

If you’ve found this page, hopefully that means you’re thinking about volunteering with the Centre! And that’s great! Like many charities, the CCGSD relies on the human power of volunteers to make so many of our events and programs successful. We really can’t do this without you, and we’re so excited you want to come hang out with us and help make the world a better place.

So you’re probably thinking. What can I do? And you might be surprised to know there’s so many ways you can volunteer your time and help support the Centre’s programming! Here’s just a few:

Team Education’s most urgent need is workshop support. The more volunteers we have, the more workshops we can do, which means the more people we can reach and the more change we can affect! If you’re outgoing and good with children or youth, this might be the spot for you.

We provide training and support to all of our volunteers, and all of our workshops are presented in pairs, so you’ll never have to go alone! We visit schools every week, so there’s lots of opportunities to take part—and lots of spaces to fill in our schedule.

This year we are also offering honorariums to workshop presenters to thank them for their time and tireless efforts for us. Now is a better time than ever to get involved!

One of the Centre’s goals is to help grow positive spaces everywhere we go, and with your help, we can go so much farther. If you’re good with meeting people (or even making phone calls!) or want to spend your summer running around in the sun, local outreach is meant for you. Some of our local outreach volunteers visit local businesses, contact schools and other organizations to find workshop clients, and set up our button boxes across the city.  Shoot us an e-mail; we’d love your support with these projects.

The Centre may be thirteen years old, but our staff have been around a little longer than that. We take lots of pictures and do a lot of really cool stuff here—but we’re not always the best at telling everyone else about it. This is where you come in.

If you’re a Facebook fiend, or an Insta addict, or even a Snapchat stunner, we want to hear from you! Our social media team needs your knowledge of dank memes and hashtags. #wedontunderstandhashtags

There’s always something brewing at the Centre. For more information on volunteering opportunities, or to get involved, e-mail our Team Education Coordinator, Daniella at or fill out our Volunteer Application Form.