The World’s 1st & Only Gay Object: The Gay Sweater

The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) is very excited to announce our latest initiative that aims to bring attention to the negative and incorrect use of the word ‘gay’ or the phrase ‘that’s so gay’. To combat this issue, we’ve made the first and only object in the world that can be called ‘gay’ without being meant as an insult: #TheGaySweater.

Knit from the hair of hundreds of LGBT donors, #TheGaySweater is an icon that will remind people how ridiculous it is to call something ‘gay’, and that we shouldn’t be calling things ‘gay’ unless they truly are.

“The idea for the sweater was born out of a desire to educate and encourage people to use ‘gay’ the right way,” said Jeremy Dias, Director of the CCGSD.“We want the conversation that surrounds the gay sweater to inspire those who are using ‘gay’ in a detrimental way to both realize the negative impact their actions are having and change their behaviour.”

Along with the sweater, we have designed a series of education guides and bonus short films that gives voice to youth who have been impacted by the derogatory use of the word ‘gay’ and showcases the process that went into creating the sweater. You can follow that conversation and all sweater-related content on the website and by searching the hashtag#TheGaySweater.

We encourage you to share the film, the hashtag, and our message so we can rid ‘that’s so gay’ from our vocabulary for good, and create a more safe and welcoming community for every person in it.

The Gay Sweater will be making its debut during Toronto Fashion Week on March 24th in David Pecaut Square from 4PM to 9PM. Stop by and meet the sweater in person.