The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity is proud to stand with over 140 agencies in supporting the Ontario revisions to the curriculum.12032684_10153078913538021_3147863464239307889_o

“This is about the health and safety of Ontario youth,” says director Jeremy Dias. “It takes a village to raise our children, and for a long time we have failed. We allowed the internet to mis-inform a generation of youth who are struggling.  It is time that we empower teachers, parents, guardians and youth to take charge of their health. Frankly this curriculum will save lives and make our community safer.”

The Centre would like to thank the grass roots organizers who formed this initiative (#SupportSexEd), the agencies who stand together, and the countless Facebook & petition supporters.

Continue to support this initiative by signing the petition and making 3 calls to you MPP, School Board Trustee & local Principals to show your support for this campaign.

Please also share the reasons why your voice is required in the youth lead campaign below:

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