Speak Truth to Power

The CCGSD is proud to highlight this incredible community resource featuring our founder/executive director.

Speak Truth to Power Canada

A Founding Partnership Agreement, to collaborate on Speak Truth to Power Canada, Defenders for Human Rights, was made on December 10, 2012, International Human Rights Day, between the following partner organizations:

Speak Truth to Power Canada, Defenders for Human Rights is an educational resource that can serve as a catalyst to reverse apathy by igniting passion, instilling responsible citizenship values, and emphasizing that the attainment of individual rights is intrinsically tied to the attainment of collective rights.

Like our founding partnership agreement, STTP Canada is intended to grow over time and we encourage you to communicate with us if you have any comments or feedback.

Thank you from all the partners of Speak Truth to Power Canada, Defenders for Human Rights.

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Speak Truth to Power

Speak Truth to Power Canada will include lesson plans on 11 Canadian defenders working domestically and one working internationally.

We encourage teachers to view all 51 global defender profiles of Speak Truth To Power for other human rights stories from around the globe.

To contact Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights about adapting this resource for your educational requirements, please communicate with info@rfkcenter.org.

Speak Truth To Power (STTP), a global program of the organization known as Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, is a multifaceted human rights education resource for schools that uses the experiences of courageous human rights defenders to educate and inspire students to take positive action. Issues covered range from crimes against humanity and children’s rights activism to Indigenous self-determination and citizen participation.

Every day, in places around the world, brave people take a stand when those in power violate their human rights or the rights of others. They speak truth to the powerful to protect the less powerful and, in many cases, risk their lives, livelihoods, and reputations.

STTP began as a book written by Kerry Kennedy, Speak Truth To Power, Human Rights Defenders Who are Changing Our World (2000), since translated into seven languages in multiple countries, including Sweden, South Africa and Japan. Photos from the original book by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Eddie Adams have been made into an exhibition, displayed on four continents. The book has been adapted into a dramatic production, Speak Truth to Power: Voices from Beyond the Dark, by Ariel Dorfman, performed around the globe by some of the world’s most talented actors.

In summer 2015, a Canadian adaptation, appropriately titled Speak Truth to Power Canada, Defenders for Human Rights will be accessible to students around the world on the Internet in English and French, with some lessons available in indigenous languages (Cree, Mohawk and Inuktitut). The resource will also be accessible for the first time to those who use mobile devices.

A collaborative partnership project with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, led by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the Assembly of First Nations, and the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, focusses on Canadians that are making a difference at home and abroad.

Our mutual goal is to facilitate the teacher’s task of informing and enabling students to self-identify locally as human rights defenders on issues of importance in their very own communities. We encourage all Canadian teachers to share Malala’s advice with their students: “It is possible for every one of us to change the world.”

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