Retirement of Calla Barnett – Board President

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Retirement of Calla Barnett – Board President

It is with mixed emotions that we regret to announce the retirement of Calla Barnett, President of the Board of Directors, effective immediately. The Board of Directors fully supports this decision and can express nothing but gratitude for Calla’s leadership, these last years. 

Calla’s involvement these last several years has been invaluable and her leadership will be missed dearly. Under her stewardship, the Board has accomplished innumerable policy, governance and strategic goals. All of us have benefitted immensely from Calla’s knowledge, experience, and this organization is undoubtedly better for it. 

In light of the timing of this announcement, the Board of Directors will be dividing all of the President’s responsibilities. Reilly Vamplew, Vice-President will assume the role of Interim-President, until such time that a suitable replacement is found. As such, the Board is striking a search committee to seek out suitable candidates that represent the geographic, cultural, ethnic and sexual diversity of Canada.

Additionally, the Board’s priorities will pivot. As of this moment the AGM/Town Hall that was planned for February 3rd, will need to be restructured. The Town Hall portion of this event will be postponed until March, this will allow an acceptable amount of time for transition to occur. 

In light of all of this, the Board’s commitment to the organization and its mission remain stronger than ever. Together, with CCGSD staff,  we will strive to sail through this change and towards a brighter future.

In solidarity,

The Board of Directors

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