Inclusive Presentations

A common question we receive is “what can I do to be a better ally to the LGBTQ2+ community?”

One of the easiest ways to support queer and trans people in your community is with your voice! That is why we put together a “cheat sheet” with tips on making presentations, workshops, and speeches more inclusive.

Here are some reasons why having an inclusive presentation is important:

  1. You won’t unintentionally alienate someone! It is very likely that the group you are addressing is more diverse than you might perceive them to be, and using gendered language can unintentionally exclude someone in the group.
  2. Using inclusive language destigmatizes LGBTQ2+ experiences! The more people who use gender neutral language, the more it becomes normalized in our society.
  3. It shows that you respect and support diversity!

Click on the resources below to download them: