Raise the Pride Flag in Peel School

Peel schools NEED your help!

On May 8, 2018, students, staff and parents at Peel District School Board lobbied the board to request that they amend their board flag policy to allow for schools to raise the Pride flag. The current policy states that only the national and provincial flag is allowed to be raised.

The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diveristy stands firmly behind students, educators and families who wish to see the Pride Flag raised at schools across the board this June for Pride month.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of when the late Gilbert Baker created the Rainbow Pride flag to celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ2+ communities. Gilbert was a personal friend of the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity, and he traveled with us across Canada with us sharing his story of creating a piece of history with youth in Canadian schools. I will never forget how he noted how grateful he was to Canadians for inviting him to speak in elementary and high schools, as it remained something he was never allowed to do in his home country the United States.

The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity is proud to be a partner of Peel District School Board. For year, our team, including myself and Stonewall Veteran, Martin Boyce, have been delighted to share the stories of the LGBTQ2+ community and strategies to creating safer spaces with students, educators and families. The work that the Peel District School Board’s faculty has done to create inclusion has been critical in creating safer spaces in the region.

Representation and cultural inclusivity is important for queer & trans students, staff and families in Canada. Raising the flag sends a message to LGBTQ2+ folks that they are welcome and sends a clear message that oppression and discrimination will not be tolerated.

The politicization of this issue, over the last few weeks, means that the board needs to take a clear stand and say clearly that LGBTQ2+ youth, faculty, and families are loved, valued, and that they have a safe place in Peel District School Board schools.

We ask ALL Canadians to write to Peel District School Board Chair Janet McDougald (janet.mcdougald@peelsb.com) and demonstrate that we will support the Peel District School Board in creating inclusion in our community. We have been informed that the school board directors are getting a lot of pressure to not amend their board flag policy.

See our official letter here

Send your own to message to trustees by emailing Janet here: Peel District School Board Chair Janet McDougald (janet.mcdougald@peelsb.com)

Send additional message to all trustees using their emails here.

The CCGSD would like to thank educators at Peel District School Board who invited us and supported us in taking this action. We have ALWAYS got your back.


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