Our History Quiz


Who was labelled a sex offender and sent to prison after being evaluated as “incurably homosexual?


What law amendment, backed by then-Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau in 1968, was put forward that partially decriminalized homosexuality?


What movement formed that lead to Canada’s first gay and lesbian protest?


The Brunswick Four (Adrienne Potts, Pat Murphy, Sue Wells and Heather Beyer), were dragged out of the Brunswick Tavern by police after they sang a song called ________.


In 1975 and 1976, Mayor Jean Drapeau had police crack down on gay bars and bathhouses in Montreal in an attempt to “clean up” the city prior to __________.


After Operation Soap, the community successfully had 99% of the charges acquitted, although several people went to jail as a result of taking early plea bargains. Why?


Before being called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), the disease was called ______ and the stigma surrounding the disease and the LGBTQ+ community grew like a wildfire.


Who was Canada’s first member of Parliament to come out as gay in 1988?


Who was Canada’s first member of Parliament to come out as lesbian in 2001?


What year did Reverend Brent Hawkes gain national attention by performing two same-sex marriages – making them the first same-sex marriages in the modern world?


What document aimed to promote universal human rights, consensual same-sex activity, freedom of expression, and aimed to put an end to LGBTQ hate crimes, including the death penalty.


Bill C-16, a bill designed to prohibit discrimination based on gender expression and gender identity, was presented to the House of Commons in 2005. Although it was turned down, it was also reintroduced numerous times afterwards. What year was it passed?