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Not Just the Tip (NJTT) is a project to bring sexual health educators the skills and confidence they need to teach sex-ed in a way that is intersectional, inclusive, and inspiring. Guided by two expert advisory councils, NJTT is a collaborative effort between the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Wisdom2Action, and Dr. Nadine Thornhill. This project is made possible through generous support from Health Canada and the Government of Canada.

Project Objectives

  • Establish a Partner Advisory Council (PAC) and a Youth Advisory Council to guide the creation of new and relevant educational resources and tools for teaching sexual and reproductive health (SRH)
  • Pilot our new resources in five cities: Regina (SK), Toronto (ON), Ottawa (ON), Halifax (NS), and St. John’s (NL).
  • Publish our new resources and tools online for educators across Turtle Island

There's still time to apply to our Advisory Councils!

We’re still recruiting teachers from all five cities to be part of our Partner Advisory Council, as well as youth from Regina, SK and Halifax, NS to be part of our Youth Advisory Council!

Interested? Click here for more information! 

Project Timeline

Not Just The Tip will be delivered between July 2022 and March of 2023 in three phases.

Phase One: Needs Assessment

  • Establishment of two advisory councils (one general, one youth)
  • Needs assessment in five pilot cities
  • Environmental scan to note any significant gaps in existing sexual health education resources

Phase Two: Toolkit & Summit

  • Develop toolkit with at least five ‘modules’
  • Host Youth Summit for Youth Advisory to provide feedback
  • Collect feedback from Project Advisory Council
  • Pilot toolkit in five cities: Regina, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, and St. John’s
  • Use feedback from pilots to revise toolkit

Phase Three: Program Delivery

  • ‘Train the Trainer’ brings community trainers to Ottawa for training on facilitating toolkit modules
  • Trainers each receive $10,000 to run 5 educational sessions in their communities
  • Preparation for future: scout new pilot locations and focus on additional intersectional lenses
  • Final project reporting

This project was made possible thanks to the generous support of Health Canada.



This year, the Centre is looking for remote volunteers to help with outreach and promotion of our online programming.  If you are interested in volunteering, gaining valuable and marketable skills in such areas as event coordination, fundraising, public speaking, database management, networking, and social media.

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