A place to welcome people and SHARE THE VISION of a world without gender discrimination and sexually diverse.


The museum will be a holistic space where the 2SLGBTQI+ community’s history can be curated, stories can be shared, and multiple identities can be fortified.

The facility will be equipped with a two-spirit healing room, three gallery rooms, an auditorium, a learning space and an affordable community space – for meetings and for building programs in partnership with other organizations.

The museum, the learning and community spaces will enhance the CCGSD existing educational programming aiming to promote sexual diversity, coexistence, mutual respect, empathy, but also to address heterosexism, cissexism and transmisogyny.


It is where we can come together under one roof to CELEBRATE our diverse expression and culture.


A place where we can be more OURSELVES.


To make this happen, the community support is essential.

Consider being a donor. The CCGSD needs to raise $10million toward the centre.


If you are interested in becoming sponsor, partner, proposing a specific use for the spaces, or for media inquiries please email us at: support@ccgsd-ccdgs.org.


Click here to see our launch presentation

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Join us in shaping history.