NBD Campaign

The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity is proud to partner with the NBD Campaign (Dr Lee Airton).

The NBD Campaign is a positive and affirming response to the recent conflict around transgender peoples’ pronouns, including gender-neutral ones like singular they/them and ze/hir (instead of she/her or he/him).

Using someone’s gender pronoun is an easy way to show your support for everyone’s right to live safely and well in their gender identity. It can make a world of difference when the correct pronoun is used, and when others begin to catch their own mistakes, say sorry, and just move on. Another way to support users is to indicate your own pronoun preference (whether you are transgender or no, as we all have a preference).

Some people do this on their Twitter or Facebook profiles, and others do this in their email signatures. Of course, posting the NBD badge or infographics is another way to create a more supportive space around you for people who use gender-neutral pronouns.

Especially now in this challenging climate, gender-neutral pronoun users need to feel and hear that their identities will be respected. If you’d like to learn more about gender-neutral pronouns and how to support users, you can visit They Is My Pronoun to access resources or ask an anonymous question.

Go to NBD Campaign for resources, promotional material, posters & more!