Jer’s Pink Tulip Grant

Jer’s Pink Tulip Grants
Jer’s Pink Tulip Grants are Canada’s first grants for schools running diversity, human rights, anti-bullying and anti-discrimination events in their school.

The grant is presented with the generous support of the Embassy of the Netherlands, and in collaboration with Jer’s Vision. The goal of the program is to empower youth making positive changes in their community; we empower youth by providing financial support for their initiatives or events that promote diversity and end discrimination, with addition consideration being given to initiatives related to the LGBTQ communities.

About the Grant
For 2014 we offered 15 grants to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada. We will be offering 10 grants of $200; and 5 grants of $100.

Projects are currently taking place and a report will be made available shortly.

We hope to be launching a new grant in Fall 2015.