Janani Suthan

Janani Suthan (she/her) is the Finance Coordinator at the CCGSD. She first began working with the CCGSD in the summer of 2017, as a co-op student planning events and helping out with odds and ends around the office for a high school credit. In the summer of 2018, she took on a position as a Community Coordinator, planning CCGSD’s pride events around Ottawa. In September 2018, and was taken on as permanent staff as the Finance Coordinator as well. She attends the University of Ottawa for Political Science and Women/Gender Studies, and feels passionately tied to the work here at the CCGSD.

She loves literature, theatre, and visual arts; she enjoys expressing herself through various artistic mediums. She is also a second degree black belt in karate!

As a queer young woman of colour, She is extremely pleased to have her personal and professional lives intersect in a way that is productive to her personal growth, as well as the development of her career. 🙂