Giving Tuesday: Gowling WLG Donation Matching

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In partnership with the CCGSD, Gowling WLG offices across Canada have announced their new gender marker and name change initiative. 

Newly named “True ID,” the initiative aims to make the gender marker and name change processes more accessible for transgender and gender-diverse individuals by providing pro bono notary and commissioning services to clients who want to update their birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses, and other formal documents to reflect their true name and gender. 

Gowling WLG also assisted the CCGSD in the creation of a comprehensive Gender Marker Guide, which includes relevant designation forms by province and territory.

Resource List


Supporting documents (Government of Ontario)

For an adult

For a child

Nova Scotia

Supporting documents (Government of Nova Scotia)

For more information on how to change gender on driver’s licence or photo ID cards, visit , for birth certificates and health cards 


Supporting documents (Government of Nunavut)

*please note that we are inquiring for further documents regarding specifically the changing of gender/ sex markers.


Individuals who wish to meet with a legal professional to have their gender designation forms and affidavits commissioned or notarized.

If you are interested in this service, please:

  1. Complete the appropriate designation forms below according to your needs and jurisdiction.
  2. Contact the Gowling WLG gender marker pro bono team at to set up an appointment to have your forms commissioned or notarized.

** NOTE: Gowling WLG will not be providing any comprehensive legal advice or services as part of this initiative. If you require legal advice or services, please contact a human rights lawyer in your jurisdiction.

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