Eliot Waddingham

Eliot Newton (they/them) is delighted to return to the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity as the team’s Education Coordinator. Eliot was born on the traditional territories of the Anishnaabek and Haudenosaunee (also known as Kingston, ON), however much of their heart and personality belongs to New Brunswick, where Eliot’s grandparents and extended family live. Eliot moved to Ottawa in 2010 to pursue an Honor’s Bachelor of Arts in History, graduating in the French Immersion stream. They have passed several bilingualism qualification exams but expect to be self-conscious about their accent for the rest of their life.

(photo by Mailyne K. Briggs)

Eliot was the Education Coordinator for the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity from 2016-2018 and is excited to be back at the helm as of 2020. They have worked in the queer community since 2013 and like to joke that they are a “professional trans person”. In the 2SLGBTQ+ education world, they have trained more than a thousand health care professionals as well as hundreds of teachers and thousands of students and youth. They pride themselves on having trained many demographics from kindergarteners to CEOs, including such clients as the Green Party of Canada, Scotiabank Group, and various departments within the Government of Canada.

Over the years, Eliot has worked as a professional researcher, a teaching assistant, and a government office lackey. They once interned at a museum and built a “haunted house” for kids with a zero-dollar budget. Eliot also worked for almost ten years in customer service and stubbornly insists on the unappreciated societal value of all minimum-wage employment. When not living life as a “gender bandit,” Eliot can be found at home with their husband and two cats, probably watching a true crime documentary and working on some cross stitch.