ADA (Beyond the Rainbow)

Mission Statement

ADA (Beyond the rainbow) is a not-for-profit community organisation based in Montreal founded by members of the Spanish-speaking group, Meeting and conversation for men gays (GDM).nADA was created with the intention to offer a series of services to welcome and assist members of the GLBT community, regardless of age or ethnicity, to integrate more easily into Quebec society; to defend their rights in a perspective of social development; and to portray the benefits of multiculturalism within a society.nnThe organization’s goal is to help newcomers who have had difficulty in their country of origin due to sexual orientation. ADA offers an atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement, support, and inspiration.


Information and orientation nGeneral information in all areas and referrals to other support organizations.nnTelephone support, general help and social support nTelephone and in-person support and diverse social networking.nnIntercultural exchanges nSocial gatherings of recent GLBT immigrants with members of the local community.nnAid in searching for accommodations nTemporary assistance in finding accommodations or referrals to specialized organizations.nnReferrals for immigration and other procedures nReferences to specialized services such as lawyers, immigration consultants, etc.nnReferrals to government and para-governmental organizations nAssistance with writing documents and filling-out various forms, etc.nnNetworking nSocial events hosted for newcomers and members of local GLBT communities.


Telephone: 1 (514) 527-4417
Fax: N/A

2215, Rue de Bordeaux, Montréal, QC, H2K 3Y7, canada