British Columbia (Burnaby) Oct 23, 2015

BC DTSO PosterLocation: Moscrop Secondary School (4433 Moscrop St, Burnaby, BC)

Burnaby’s Board of Education (School District 41), in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity, is organizing a conference for youth and educators surrounding the issues of homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, bullying, intersectional violence, and discrimination in schools.

Meet one of our keynotes (Danny Ramadan), featured in the Globe & Mail for his work as an openly Syrian Refugee supporting LGBTQ Syrian refugees

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8:00 Registration
9:00 Opening featuring Tami Starlight and Kelvin Bee
9:30 Keynote Talks featuring Charley Beresford, Danny Ramadan, Alex
10:15 Break
10:30 Workshop A
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Workshop B
2:30 End


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Student Workshop Descriptions

How Change Happens: The History of LGBT Rights in Canada

In the past 45 years, the legal position of LGBT people in Canada has been almost entirely transformed. This workshop leads participants through the history of Canada’s change, from Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau’s transformative visit to Yellowknife in the mid-1960s to the efforts for trans rights in 2015. Included are: the legalization of same-sex behaviour, antidiscrimination laws, hate crime legislation, adoption policy, same-sex marriage, and implications for immigration and refugee claimants. We look at how these changes happened, the social forces at play, the relative roles of the courts and legislatures, and the critical element of seizing a political moment. Along the way we meet the important figures, navigate the surprising twists, and examine the debates that took place within the LGBT community itself. We consider the emotional impact of change on members of the community, and the unexpected effects – including the decline in some gay institutions that has ensued. We also compare Canada’s situation and the timing of change with that in selected other countries. From here we consider the issues remaining in 2015 and how these might be resolved. This workshop is suitable for students, instructional staff, and the public.

Work Your Mind Muscle: 4 Tools for Navigating Life

An experiential workshop for teens that explores how mindfulness – a form of attention or awareness training – can increase self-awareness, impulse control and overall focus. Practical, innovative and youth-friendly, this session offers simple strategies to enhance self-awareness and self-care, planting seeds for navigating life’s challenges.

Trans-Identified-Only Q&A Discussion Group

This is a closed session for youth who are trans identified or are considering social or medical transition. We will gather to discuss some of the burning issues in our lives such as navigating relationships, name changes, favorite resources, binding/packing/tucking, questions about medical interventions such as surgery or hormones, coming out to friends/family/work/school. There will be a variety of print resources available for all to take home. This session will be facilitated by at least one trans identified person.

Trans is an umbrella term used to describe folks who transgress the gender binary, there are a multitude of identities under this umbrella such as: transgender, genderqueer, mtf (male-to-female), two spirit, pangender, crossdresser, transguy, ftm (female-to-male), transsexual, butch, transgirl and many others. Not everyone who identifies as trans opts to use hormones or surgery, not everyone who identifies as trans identifies as queer, not everyone who identifies as trans “passes” as any particular gender (or wants to).

Inclusive Event Planning Tips

A presentation on VPS events, and the accessibility considerations involved to reduce barriers to participation for a variety of individuals with different needs. This workshop discusses event dynamics and restraints.

BLUSH: Safer Sexy

This workshop focuses on issues and situations that sometimes make it difficult to negotiate safer sex and to do what’s healthy for oneself. It also explores the reasons why people become sexually active, the potential emotional and physical consequences, and risk reduction methods.

Movie Time: A Look at LGBT2Q Media

Come hang out with Out in Schools as we dim the lights and put some movies on. We’ll bring the queer film and you bring your sharp eyes and eager brain as we’ll look at how media plays an important role in portraying LGBT2Q experiences and we’ll look at some ways young people can step up to tell their own stories.

Building Teams and Dialogue

In this experiential learning workshop, participants will be introduced to activities that help strengthen and build team dynamics and also provide space for healthy(er) dialogue.

Teacher Workshop Topics

Strategies to Include Family and Gender Diversity Topics in Elementary Schools

Through participation-based activities, staff will learn LGBTQ terms and role model how to address homophobic and transphobic name-calling. Participants will learn about the importance of including family and gender diversity topics at the elementary level. Content suitable for primary and intermediate teachers and support staff. Lesson and resource packages will be provided to participants.

Creating a Gender-Inclusive School Culture (Parts 1 &2)

This workshop will help develop an understanding of the risks facing trans* students, as well as the protective factors, gain increased familiarity with terminology used by the trans* communities, and increased awareness of gender identity and gender expression. Best practices for supporting a student through gender transition within the school system will be covered. Although the focus is on trans* students, gender inclusive schools help all students to feel safe at school.

Using Restorative Practices to Create Inclusive Classrooms and Schools

Restorative Justice is an ideology and paradigm shift that can be used to create a more inclusive classroom by doing things with students, instead of not, to, or for them. By emphasizing the power and value of relationships, restorative justice promotes empathy, kindness and social responsibility. This workshop will introduce restorative practices that participants can take back with them to help their students build a sense of belonging in their classrooms and school communities.

GSA Sponsor Discussion

Come and participate in a discussion for GSA sponsors or those curious about sponsoring a school GSA. Conversation will include ideas for starting and maintaining a GSA. Hear from others what has worked in their schools.(No Description submitted)

Put This On the Map Screening

Put This On the Map is a 45 minute documentary of Seattle area youth sharing their stories of social isolation and violence, fearlessness and liberation. The screening will be followed by a facilitated discussion on topics raised in the flim.

Differentiating Classrooms for our Gendered Learners

(Workshop description not submitted)

Approaching Gender & Sexual Diversity: A toolkit for LGBTQ Identities

This workshop will train educators on understanding LGBTQ identities and give them tools to educate about LGBTQ Identities.