Addressing the history of discrimination by the Government of Canada against LGBTQ2S+ persons

On November 28, 2017, the Prime Minister will be apologizing for the history of discrimination by the Government of Canada against LGBTQ2S+ persons.

The apology will take place at Parliament Hill. We are unsure of what time it will be right now.

The Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity has a long history of advocating for an apology. In 2005, while speaking at a parliamentary committee on marriage, the CCGSD advocated for a just response for the history of discrimination. Over the last decade, the CCGSD has been advocating for this, and notable hosted the Pride Parliament Policy and Legislation Panel (Oct 2016), The LGBTQ2+ Service Providers Summit (June 2017), and the release of our PINK Agenda (June 2017).

On November 2, 2017 on unceeded Algonquin territory, the Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity submitted: ‘Draft Addressing the history of discrimination by the Government of Canada‘ to Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Centre (Randy Boissonnault) in his capacity as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on LGBTQ2S+ Issues, and the Advisory Council tasked with consulting for the federal government’s apology for the discrimination faced by LGBTQ2S+ individuals, their families, and communities in Canada.

How can you participate in this historic event?

  • Attending in person
    The CCGSD worked with government officials to facilitate the attendance of over 160 persons from across Canada. Please note that the deadline has passed to apply to attend the Apology reading in the House of Commons, Ottawa (Algonquin Territory)


  • Apply for a travel bursary
    The CCGSD offered 32 bursaries ($5000) to facilitate the attendance of LGBTQ2S folk who needed financial assistance to attend the Apology.


  • Donate to support travel grants
    Many LGBTQ2S+ persons affected by the discrimination caused by the federal government cannot afford to attend their own apology in person. While the CCGSD has some funds, your donations will truly make a difference.
    Donate to supporting those who wish to attend the apology here


Where can I learn more?

We encourage you to read our submission. Our document has been organized into 3 sections: What we feel is required for a successful apology; responses to the first two the questions shared by the LGBTQ2 Secretariat; and responses to the last two questions shared by the LGBTQ2 Secretariat. It also draws heavily on the CCGSD’s Pink Agenda that was published in June 2017 and outlines the CCGSD’s position on many critical issues (

We would like to also draw attention to the following documents:

These documents paint a clear picture of what is needed in the apology, and we stand in solidarity with both documents. See both documents attached.

In closing

Lastly, we would like to acknowledge the legacy of advocacy work that has led us to this point. Many activists and persons have worked tirelessly for a government apology to LGBTQ2S+ persons, and we honour their history. We would like to give a special thank you to our team (especially those who shared personal experiences) and to those who created this document.

Should you have any questions on the process, please email: