Andrea Prajerova, PhD

Andrea (she/her) is a passionate organizer, researcher, and educator. In the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, she gaily works as Canada Commemorate Coordinator where she is responsible for organizing over 30 queer history forums across the country. Her role is to intersectionally promote diversity and debunk the myths surrounding the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada unleashed by the Omni-bus Bill C-150.


Andrea comes from the Czech Republic, a small country in Central Europe with a rich history of resisting the oppression from dominant groups and nations such as the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Nazi Germany or the USSR. She was born into promising times at the end of the Cold War when the fall of the Berlin wall was to reunite Czechia and other former socialist countries with the West. The given circumstances have uniquely positioned Andrea to understand how power operates in culturally specific and historical contexts. After finishing her MA in Humanities at Charles University in Prague and a one-year Erasmus student residency at CEU in Budapest in the Department of Critical Gender Studies, her insatiable passion for (in)justice and history motivated her to pursue a doctorate in Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa, which she completed in 2018. In her research, Andrea raises important questions about identity, citizenship and reproductive sexuality by highlighting the totalitarian practices of contemporary democratic regimes. Andrea has presented to a wide range of audiences on the local, national and international level and published in renowned academic journals. In the past six years, Andrea proudly worked as a teaching assistant and as a teacher of English and Czech as a Second Language. Considering activism a vital part of her work, she has also been engaged with several research, advocacy, and student groups in Canada and Europe, advocating for queer liberation in identity expression & romantic and sexual relations. Currently, she is a member of the Board of Directors at the Planned Parenthood Ottawa.


Andrea loves empowering people with critical knowledges, challenging the status quo, having hard conversations as well as reading fabulous queer & feminist novels and theories, traveling, spending time with her friends and family, practicing self-care and yoga. In her free time, you can probably catch her contemplating in an art gallery or dancing through life with a big smile on her face.


Andrea will always remind you that queers of all ethnicities, ages, shapes and sizes are fabulous and the revolution is on the way. Let’s do it together!  🙂


Solidarity & Love!