A message from proud moms

As you saw this week, with the recent provincial elections and changes in governments across Canada, the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity has suffered significant financial cuts.
As partners of the CCGSD, who’s children participate in their programs, we hope you will join us in supporting their organization by becoming a monthly donor today.
Holly: Two years ago my son, Lucas, came out as gay, and as a single mom of two kids in Ottawa, I was disappointed that there were NO services, supports or tools for me. As he was only 11 at the time, he was not old enough to qualify for most programs that are for teenagers. As a straight woman (ally to 2SLGBTQIA+ people) and a teacher I can do my best to be supportive, but I cannot replace the community that my son is seeking.
I turned to the CCGSD for support and their team has always been there for me. Even though it is not part of their funded programs they have answered my questions, provided support for my family and created unique opportunities for Lucas.
Melissa: In October, my 11 year old daughter/trans activist Warner, and Lucas joined CCGSD staff to keynote the Round Square Conference, an international conference training almost 1000 youth and educators from private schools across the world. The CCGSD supported Warner & Lucas to give them a platform to share their stories of creating safer spaces in their schools and learning opportunity to be leaders.
These are the programs that the CCGSD run. They create space for queer and trans youth to blossom into leaders. And our children challenge traditional systems of homophobia & transphobia to make our country and world a better place.
Holly: Last week at the Canadian GSA Leadership Conference, they took the stage again to share their stories with almost 100 2SLGBTQIA+ high school students and to voice their ideas about how older students can reach out and mentor younger students who are desperately seeking community support.
We all know that the CCGSD runs 94 day-long youth forums, 3000 workshops and a TON more programming, but do you know that the CCGSD is changing the lives of youth by giving them a chance to achieve their greatest potential? Well, they are! The CCGSD helped our kids in a way that we can’t even explain.
Holly Leblanc (Lucas’ mom)
Melissa Schaettgen (Warner’s mom)