Zoe Easton

Zoe Easton was born in Ottawa Ontario, where she grew up and eventually went to High School. While attending Nepean High School, Zoe was a cofounder of her GSA and strong voice in her school’s Social Justice Club. It was while working for her school’s GSA, that Zoe first became involved with Jer’s Vision.

In 2010, Zoe joined the Jer’s Vision Youth Advisory Committee, a youth group designed to connect Jer’s Vision staff to real life issues affecting the youth they served. By 2011, the group had snowballed into a youth empowerment project which organized youth friendly queer events around the city. Zoe eventually became the leader of the Youth Advisory Committee, right up until her graduation from Nepean High School in 2013.
During her gap year between High School and University, Zoe began giving workshops for Jer’s Vision on a volunteer basis. When the Educational Coordinator position became available at Jer’s Vision, Zoe applied and has been happily giving workshops ever since.
Zoe is also involved with her local music scene, and takes her anti-oppression training with her into that community. She also writes Zines, featuring her own poetry, illustrations and reflections on queer femininity and intoxication culture. Zoe will also be attending the University of Ottawa for Women and Gender Studies in Fall 2015.
Nominated for Most Outstanding Youth Activist of the Year, 2012 (Capital Pride)
Nominated for the Spirit of the Capital Award for Personal Courage & Compassion, 2013
Nominated for the TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Involvement 2013
Awarded Leading Women Building Communities Award, 2013 (Nominated by Yassir Naqvi)