You are invited to March with Us at The Dyke March and Pride Parade

My name is Hannah and I’ve been working at Jer’s Vision for the past year as one of the educational coordinators. This means I have the privilege of going into a different school two days a week to tell students all about my own experiences. I came out as queer when I was 14 and struggled to find an identity and community I could connect to. Now at 19, I feel more confident in myself and have found love and support in the queer community.

Capital Pride Parade

Capital Pride is an annual tradition here in Ottawa, where for a whole week there are festivities promoting and celebrating LGBTQ people and our history. Every Pride week ends in a colourful parade through downtown Ottawa.

Every year Jer’s Vision marches proudly in the parade and this year we are inviting you to come with us. Carry our banner, wave some pompoms, or just cheer along with the rest of the team. 

But this year we are doing something new. Jer’s Vision and SAW Gallery are opening the door for LGBT rights in Russia. When the parade ends we are going to keep marching all the way down Laurier to the Russian Embassy and will be tieing rainbow ribbons to the gates. Help support equality in Russia by marching with us. 

The Parade is Sunday August 25th, and we will be meeting at the parade set up spot on Bank Street in between Gladstone and Catherine.

Dyke March

The Dyke March is an annual gathering of all Ottawa’s dykes, whether they be gay, queer, bisexual, or trans dykes. It always begins with a proud march around downtown Ottawa and finishes off with a celebration featuring many artists and performers.

Jer’s Vision invites you to come out and march with us at this great event, whether you identify as a dyke, or just a dyke supporter.

We will be meeting at the Human Rights Monument at 12:30 on Saturday August 24th.

If you want to come show your pride and Jer’s Vision support at either the Pride Parade or Dyke March, email me at with your name, phone number (in case we need to contact you), and t-shirt size so we can give you a free Jer’s Vision t-shirt.

Thanks and Happy Pride,
Hannah Collins
Educational Coordinator