Winter Field Trip

Over 40 students for 5 high schools braved the snow to participate in the Jer's Vision Rainbow Club Field Trip. The students visited MPs (Libby Davies & Bill Siksay) at parliament to talk about new bills around Trans Rights and Housing Rights; headed to Mambo Restaurant in the market for lunch, a show & Q&A with Trans Activists; and finished the day with a Queer focused tour of art at the National Art Gallery.

What students said:

"I learned that you can't be afraid of being yourself, and you need to get involved to make a difference."
-Antoine, De La Salle HS

"I loved learning about the differences between communities, like trans, transgender, transsexual and drag. I love being involved with my GSSA."
-Zoe, Rideau HS

"It is always good to meet other people and make friends…this trip was like a way to say it was ok to be me."
-Katelynn, De La Salle HS

"At parliament we got to meet heroes who were helping us out. It was so inspiring!"
-Rose, Brookfeild HS

"I liked the art gallery cause we learned about gay history, and I learned that even non-gay people can help out!"
-Kyle, Rideau HS