William Theodore Fujarczuk

Welcome William our summer intern!
William has a passion for engaging in dialogue with those around him. Guided by critical pedagogy, intersectional feminism, and social justice, he is consistently working to broaden his worldview and establish inner peace.
In his experiences living and working in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, and making local, queer acquaintances, William was exposed to the lived realities of gender and sexual minorities in contexts different from his own. This exposure has put him on a journey of understanding the many privileges he holds as a gay, cis male from an urban area of Canada—despite the associated struggles—and has instilled in him the desire to use these privileges to promote human rights for all those who identify as gender and sexual minorities. It is this passion that has brought him to The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity.
William holds degrees in Biology (McMaster University), Education (University of Western Ontario), and Peace Education (UN-mandated University for Peace) and is a certified teacher through the Ontario College of Teachers. He was worked with youth from the elementary school to university levels in both formal and informal settings in Canada, Ireland, England, Nepal, Indonesia, and Costa Rica. He enjoys long hikes, musical theatre, playing the piano, and collecting Harry Potter books in different languages.