Will you support Canada’s GSAs?

My name is Christopher Karas and in 2013 I attended the CCGSD’s Canadian STBBI Youth Forum. After training to be a Community Health Ambassador, I was heartbroken when my school refused to let me implement any of the projects I had just learned, because they felt it was inappropriate to discuss LGBTQ+ relationships.
Motivated by my recent experience at the CCGSD, I worked with their team to found the Canadian Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) Forum.
Now in its fourth year, the event brings youth from across Canada to Toronto for FREE for a week that changes lives and makes schools safer.
Because of the CCGSD, I challenged my school in court for not addressing cultures of homophobia & transphobia, and won! Today my school has a GSA and is a safer place.

I am writing to ask you to please support the 2017 National GSA Forum.

The Forum is completely FREE thanks to YOU.
The Centre covers our travel, accommodations, food and training. They even help us out when we get back to our community with guidance and mentorship!
Thanks to my participation in the GSA Forum, I have been able to make a real difference.

I held my school board accountable when my school allowed homophobia & transphobia to happen.

You can be part of Canada’s GSA Forum in many ways:
GSAs have been proven to help lower bullying and suicide rates among LGBTQ+ youth in schools; and honestly this is the only place in Canada where I can get this comprehensive training. 
I am looking forward to returning this year as a Make It Better Night mentor and workshop presenter so I can help inspire others to go home and start GSAs or strengthen their own.
Thank you so much for sending your love & support to us!
Your friend,
Christopher Karas
2014/2015 GSA Forum Keynote speaker & workshop presenter
2015/2016 GSA Forum Make It Better Night mentor
Lifelong human rights advocate