Why working at JersVision.org gives me PRIDE and makes our community better

My name is Cameron Aitken, and I graduated last year from Jeremy Dias’ high school. Many of you might remember Jeremy’s story, he faced extreme situations of bullying, discrimination, and homophobia by students and school officials, and challenged our school and school board in a lawsuit. In winning the lawsuit, he used the settlement funds to start JersVision.org & the Day of Pink, but what many people don’t know is that the lawsuit also made our school and school board a better place.
Among other things, the lawsuit opened the door that allowed me to found our school’s first Gay-Straight Alliance, a student-run club that promotes respect, educates about LGBTQ-A* communities and makes our school a safer and better place.
Since graduation, I moved to Ottawa, and am a full-time student at Carleton University and work part-time at JersVision.org running workshops every Thursday & Friday in schools all over eastern & northern Ontario—making schools safer.
This month, I have transitioned to becoming the Summit Coordinator of the Dare to Stand Out: Canada’s FIRST LGBTQ-A* Service Providers’ Summit. I am proud to say that as of today we have over 150 registered delegates representing over a hundred organizations from every province and territory in our country. The event will be the first time we as service providers meet, share, learn and build a national agenda.  ( And if you want to come it’s free, so register NOW, the event is June 26 & 27 in Toronto).
To support our work, the Ontario Public Service Pride Network is hosting a Toronto island cruise fundraiser for JersVision.org on June 26. Get your tickets here!
Working at JersVision.org I am proud to say that I have been able to make my community a better place, learn things I would have never imagined, and play a role in making my community a better place.
The work we do at JersVision.org gives me a sense of pride that I am so grateful for.
Recently we got an email from McDougall United Church in Edmonton. The Church has become an affirming congregation, and the email thanked us for our presentations to the congregation that helped influence the vote.
Also very inspirational, Day of Pink Champion and out GTA teacher Greg Kentris, is creating the first ever queer middle school book for educators, teens, and families looking to explore the coming out process. To fund the project, he has turned to Indiegogo, and is looking for community donations. I made a donation to get books for JersVision.org’s library, so you should check it out too!
And of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that PFLAG Durham is organizing a FREE youth leadership camp on July 11-14th.  It is an amazing event for LGBTQ-A* youth aged 14-17. Check it out at:pflagdurhamregion.com/camp.html.
Thank you all for your support of JersVision.org!
Because of you we are able to make such a big difference in our country. If you want to further your participation in our work, we are always looking for volunteers & donors ( did I mention you can donate here?)!  Have a great day!
Yours truly,
Cameron Aitken
Summit Coordinator


JersVision.org & the Day of Pink have been super busy!
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