What students are saying…

Jer’s Vision’s Director, Jeremy Dias & Ontario Ministre of Education Laurel Broten, spoke to Youth at LAMP Community Centre’s South Etobicoke Youth Assembly (SEYA) in Toronto. 

SEYA youth react to Dias and Broten’s workshop:

“It’s such an important message because even going to school myself, I see all the bullying in the schools. I have friends who are gay and they go through a lot of stuff. It’s hard for them to come out. The message gets lost a lot because we don’t learn about it in school. So I feel empowered teaching my peers this.”
– Janice Karmody, 17, SEYA’s director/volunteer youth support worker 

“It’s motivational when you’re told that you are the solution. It helps to know that, because some people think ‘what can my voice do? I’m not gay.’ But just accepting people for who they are and acknowledging them can help.”
– Kembe Hernandez, 18