What a student said about us; And free prizes from JersVision.org

Happy New Year from all of us at JersVision.org and The International Day of Pink (April 10, 2013)!
This message may seem belated (as you are receiving it mid-January), but our office has been extremely busy! Our teams have been running anti-bullying workshops at schools every weekday and all over Canada since we got back from the break.
Last week, while Cameron and Hannah were running workshops all over Ottawa, Ontario (check out their adventures here), I was in Vancouver, British Columbia. After speaking at a school on how to address homophobia & transphobia with students in grades 6 & 7, an eleven-year-old girl approached me and said: “We get a lot of anti-bullying messages at our school, and they all say the same thing: ‘Don’t bully!’, but your message was different—it was actually meaningful and has made a difference at my school.”
I wish you could have seen the stunned expression on both mine and the school board equity consultant faces’.  To hear something so well-articulated and honest from someone so young made us feel amazing!  Before walking away she added that she would start making difference right now.
Later on that week I also spoke to over 600 students in grades 8, 9 and 10 at a secondary school in Vancouver. A teacher told his Vice-Principal: “Their presentation was an act of God. To keep the attention of that many students—in an era of cell phones, games, and texting…it is almost impossible to keep the attention of that many kids for 90 minutes. Jeremy didn’t have any bells, whistles, videos or PowerPoint…it was just him, and you could hear a pin drop. They didn’t just hear his message of anti-bullying—they understood it. We have seen the changes he made with the older grades, which saw him a few years ago. That is why we brought him back.”
Today, we are holding the Dare to Stand Out Conferences: BC & Yukon Edition with over 200 students. As part of our national series of educational and training events (more info here), youth will be learning how to challenge bullying, discrimination, homophobia and transphobia, as well as tools to make their school a safer and better place.  I will definitely update you on what students take back to their schools as action items.
Over the next few months, we will be:
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