Wearing pink for the cause by Jean Duval

This article by Jean Duval was featured on the employee diversity newsletter for the Government of Canada.

Wearing pink for the cause
by Jean Duval

1984, Gentilly, Quebec. I’m seven years old and I’m “delicate,” as a friend of my parents keeps saying. I don’t want to wear a baseball cap like other boys my age. I wear a hat that you’d more likely see on a boy from the city, not the country. Night after night, as I get off the school bus, a girl older than me pulls my hat off and tosses it outside, more often than not into a puddle. Fortunately for me, another girl who was older than me intervened to stop the bullying.

In 2007, a student in his first year of high school in Nova Scotia was bullied by older students because he was wearing a pink sweater. Two other older boys who witnessed the incident came to the younger boy’s defence, but they didn’t stop there. In just a few days, they persuaded a majority of the students at their school to wear pink to show that they stood together against bullying.

This is the event that inspired the creation of the Day of Pink(Network B). Every year on the second Wednesday in April, thousands of people in Canada wear pink to send a message that positive actions make a difference and that change begins with every one of us. The movement is ambitious and hopes one day to expand its reach across the globe.

On April 9, wear pink!

Join the Statistics Canada GLBT/Diversity Group (and thousands of other people across Canada) and wear pink on April 9: do it for your children, your friends and your co-workers. Together, let’s take positive action to show that there’s no room for bullying anywhere, not at school or at work!

Send us a photo of yourself or of your team, section, division or group of friends proudly wearing pink! Let’s show that we want bullying to stop.

Bullying and discrimination

On April 22, Jeremy Dias, founder of Jer’s Vision (Network B) and a pioneer of the Day of Pink movement, will visit Statistics Canada to discuss bullying and discrimination. Jeremy inspires thousands of young Canadians every year by speaking in schools, and he inspires many adults by giving presentations in the workplace. Don’t miss this opportunity to see and hear him in person. His presentation will be in the Jean Talon Conference Room from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Everything we can do to stop bullying counts. Let’s take action together.