Watch The Fruit Machine

The CCGSD wants every Canadian to watch The Fruit Machine, now available for free on TVO.

Click here to watch the documentary right now for free.

The film shares the stories of Canadians who experienced extreme trauma by our government.

As described by the filmmakers: Some softened by age and sadness, others loud and angry, the voices of the survivors of Canada’s public service homosexual purge are now united, and determined. They are torqued by decades of silence, years of being ignored. They demand justice, and they want to be heard. Theirs is a story of betrayal that is both national and deeply personal. Men and women who dedicated their lives to public service, some signing oaths of allegiance and servitude; casualties of a political tapestry woven in the fibers of acute security measures that somehow became normalized.

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Trigger warnings: The film contains graphic descriptions of heterosexist and cissexist discrimination, physical violence, emotional violence, sexual violence, and verbal abuse. Strong caution is encouraged.

Watch the film for free by clicking here.

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