VIDEO: Jer's Gala 2011

The Jer's Vision 6th Anniversary Gala, on April 13, 2011 brought hundred together to celebrate diversity. The event featured: Brian Burke (Toronto Maple Leaf), Brian Kilrae (Ottawa 67s), Wim Geerts (Ambassador of the Netherlands), Canterbury Choir, Martha Chavez and so much more.. 

Couldn't make it? Wanna relive the magic? Follow the links below to watch the gala performances, awards and speeches. 

Gala part 1-Welcome Song
Gala part 2-Aboriginal Welcome
Gala part 3-Introduction by host Martha Chavez
Gala part 4-Brian Kilrae (Ottawa 67s) presents Brian Burke (Toronto Maple Leafs) with the Award & Mr Burke speech
Gala part 5-Jer's Vision presentation by Erin Lux & Adam Chenard
Gala part 6-Jeremy Dias speaks about the importance of our work
Gala part 7-Yasir Naqvi (MPP Ottawa-Centre) presents Netherlands Ambassador Wim Geerts Award & Mr Geerts speech
Gala part 8-Netherlands Ambassador Wim Geerts continued
Gala part 9-Paul Dewar presents Alan (from the Stephen Lewis Foundation) the Award
Gala part 10-Stephen Lewis' acceptance speech (high definition)
Gala part 11-Martha Chaves & Stephanie Roy introduce Eman for his first song
Gala part 12-Eman's second song
Gala part 13-Allison Cole introduces the Canterbury Choir
Gala part 14-Canterbury Choir song 1
Gala part 14-Canterbury Choir song 2
Gala part 14-Canterbury Choir song 3
Gala part 14-Canterbury Choir song 4
Gala part 15-Closing remarks from Jeremy Dias