Vancouver LOVES Jer’s Vision!

A message from a Vacouver school visited this year:

“Please don’t forget about our alternative programs!” We know many LGBTQ students feel safest in an alternative school setting but miss out on presentations at the main high schools. Jeremy didn’t forget about us! He came to Vancouver and to Total Education in December. WOW! His personal struggles presented with humour really touched our students. His story was a catalyst and that day we formed the first GSA-Gay/Straight Alliance at Total Education. We are proud to say we are 28 members strong-almost 1/3 of our school population! We meet every two weeks to support to each other and work on supporting youth locally and across Canada with their struggles. We have called ourselves the ‘A TEAM’ for Acceptance and tolerance of others. Our GSA is planning a Day of PINK and are doing a pink heart campaign to send messages of love and acceptance to students in other schools across Vancouver. We have also collected 100 signatures for Bill 13-Accepting Schools Act in support of our Ontario youth. Alternative programs need to make sure their voices are heard too!