Updates from Nepean High School Rainbow Society!

The Nepean High School Rainbow Society participated in the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Forum 2014 held at Glendon College last year. We were so pleased to get a comprehensive update from them on the activities that they have been carrying out at their school!

(1) Nepean High School has now has a Gender Neutral Washroom available to all students regardless of gender identity or expression.

(2) The NHS Rainbow Society has held discussions on subjects such as Asexuality and Gender Identity, which drew in many students.

(3) The Rainbow Society had a guest speaker to address Rape Culture.

(4) The Rainbow Society sent a large contigent of their members to the 10th Annual Rainbow Youth Forum, who learned new things and had lots of fun!

(5) The Rainbow Society held a White Ribbon Campaign in our school: handing out ribbons, selling bracelets, and collecting just under $400 for Interval House–a local shelter for women and children.

The Nepean High School Rainbow Society is currently planning events for the following dates:

  • Black History Month
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Day of Pink
  • Day of Silence
Thank-you so much for your hard work Antonia Junk, Andrew Stevens, and the Nepean High School Rainbow Society; your commitment to making your school and community a safer place really makes a difference! Stay tuned for more updates from the Nepean High School Rainbow Society and other GSAs across the province!
If you want to know how your GSA can attend the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Forum 2015, please check out the webpage or e-mail the Coordinator Sarah Littisha Jansen at teach@jersvision.org.
Sarah Littisha Jansen
Program Coordinator: Conferences and GSA Forum