Trans Day of Remembrance

Today marks Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR), and in schools & communities across the world people are remembering those who have been murdered or affected by anti-trans hate.

Here at & the international Day of Pink we are committed to addressing all forms of discrimination and bullying in schools and youth communities. On average, our team members work in a school every day of the scholastic year and those efforts:

  1. always use diverse examples, 
  2. engage in dialogues inclusive of all forms of discrimination, and 
  3. include initiatives that are inclusive of work that stops discrimination of trans & gender-variant people. 
  4. We are also proud to support trans rights & legislations initiatives both in front of and behind the scenes.

This year, we welcomed Faye Estrella, our new Conference Manager, to our team. Building on the work of previous team members, Faye is spearheading new initiatives to make and the international Day of Pink more trans inclusive.

During our most recent Trans Inclusivity Training (Aug 2012), I got a chance to look back at my previous experiences and realized that sometimes I have been a poor ally to the trans community, and for that I am truly sorry.

Growing up in a cisgender world, it is easy to neglect communities we are not directly affected by. 

For me to truly be a trans ally means:

  1. being committed to ongoing learning about the trans communities and their experiences,
  2. standing behind and supporting trans community members in their initiatives, and 
  3. listening to the trans community, and following their suggestions of how I can truly be a successful ally. 

(Need ideas on being a trans ally? Check out this great document we used in the training in August.

I want to thank Faye, and the many trans people in my life who have taken the time to educate me and help me become a better ally and person.

On behalf of and the international Day of Pink we want to also thank and send out best wishes out to those organizing Trans Day of Remembrance activities in their schools and communities. You are doing very important work.

A special congrats to the students in Alberta, Manitoba & Ontario who emailed me this photo this morning. Working with, students will recreate this design at the entrances of 18 high schools with the white flags in memory of a life lost to hate as part of TDOR events. We are honored to work with you!

If you are interested in finding out more about Trans Day of Remembrance or participating in an event in your community, please go to For more information about what you can do in your school or community organization, or to book a Trans 101 workshop, please contact us at

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