Top 5 Moments from Day of Pink Gala 2016

Before we get into the five moments that made this year’s International Day of Pink Gala the most succesful Day of Pink Gala we have ever had, we would like to thank the hundreds of people who came and showed their support. We’d especially like to thank our partners, donors, and volunteers for helping make this Gala possible.

Now, let’s look back on the five best moments from the Gala.


1)      Performances by queer people of colour!

This year’s Gala was centered on celebrating those of colour in the LGBTQ2S+ community, and it would not have been complete without the amazing performances by David White Deer Charette, Debby, Rosy, Lukayo Estrella, Mikki Bradshaw, and Elsa. From throat singing to spoken word, each preformance captivated those at the Gala and left all of us mesmerized.


2)      Youth Role Model of the Year Award!

This year four individuals were chosen to receive the Youth Role Model of the Year Award. Each winner was nominated by youth, and chosen by the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexuality’s Youth Advisory Committee.  The award recognizes individuals who have done something incredible to promote diversity, and who inspire youth to make a difference in their schools and communities.

This year’s winners are Nance Lomax, Suzanne Poli, Kim Katrin Milan, and Kalyani Pandya.


3) Money Raised to help LGBTQ2S+ Youth!

With the help of everyone who attended the Gala, we managed to raise over $11,000. We’d like to thank everyone who donated and supported us, making this possible. Donations help us to educate youth across the country, as well as teachers, parents and community leaders. Every cent raised is going back to the community.


4)      Amazing Food!Untitled

Thanks to many generous people, were able to have Union Local 613, Little Jo Berry’s, The Unrefined Olive, David’s Tea, The Ottawa Library, CUPW, Whole Food’s Market and Kudo’s Cuisine provide food and drink at the Gala. From mini-cakes to Frito’s pie, everything tasted great and everyone seemed to enjoy them!


5)       The Socializing!Untitled1

Nearly 600 people joined us to celebrate the Day of Pink! From politicians, to performers, to families and everyone in between, enjoying an evening of food, drink and art, standing together against bullying of all forms.