The Stand Up, Speak Out Theatre Project is Calling all LGBTQ+ & Allied Youth:

The Stand Up, Speak Out Theatre Project is Calling all LGBTQ+ & Allied Youth:
The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity & Branch Out Theatre are thrilled to be partnering to run:
The Stand Up, Speak Out Theatre Project, a unique after school program that brings together theatre and social justice! Participants will create original plays that challenge bullying, homophobia and transphobia, all the while learning new theatre skills, building self-confidence and making new friends. No previous theatre experience is necessary. This program serves youth ages 13-20. See more info here.
The program runs on Mondays from April 20th-June 22nd, 4pm-6pm at the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity office: 440 Albert st. Suite C304.  The program is FREE and includes snacks. To register, contact Naomi Tessler, Artist-in-residence at:
We hope you can join us and please help spread the word to the youth you know!
Here’s the info I shared in my last newsletter to highlight march break program and to share about upcoming after school program. Please feel welcomed to adjust this to fit with your social media approach:
Stand Up, Speak Out Theatre Project with Jer’s Vision!
This March Break, Branch Out Theatre partnered with *Jer’s Vision to lead The Stand Up, Speak Out Theatre Project- A creative March Break program for LGBTQ+ & Allied Youth using theatre for social change, funded by Community Foundation of Ottawa.  A small group of passionate youth took part in the program and had the chance to learn new theatre skills, build community and share their hopes and fears in a safe and accepting space.  The group courageously expressed their personal experiences of bullying, homophobia and transphobia through image theatre and chose to create a powerful forum theatre play that drew from their own stories.  As the culmination to the week, the play was performed for Encounters With Canada’s March Break program which included 145 youth! Our small yet mighty cast did an unbelievable performance and by the end of the show, folks were lining up to get onstage as spect-actors to stand up and speak out to transform the conflicts in our show!  The spectators and spect-actors were incredible–they were cheering with full enthusiasm each time someone stood up to a bully and spoke out against homophobia and transphobia. This performance was truly a fantastic way to end our March Break Program. The cast/participants expressed deep gratitude and joy at the fact that so many youth were engaged in rehearsing how to make a difference through the lens of their show.
As for next steps…
We are thrilled to announce and acknowlege that we have received generous funding from the Ontario Arts Councilto continue the Stand Up, Speak out Theatre Project as an ongoing after school program!! Our program begins this April and will continue through December, 2015 as a chance to invite more youth to take part, create and tour new forum theatre plays to engage youth audiences across the city of Ottawa in standing up and speaking out against bullying, homophobia and transphobia.
*Jer’s Vision has recently changed their name to: The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity