The Pride Flag Creator

Meet Gilbert Baker!Copy of Copy of PARTYMeet him at the PRIDE Boat Cruise Thurs, August 20, 2015
Jacques Cartier Park, Gatineau at 6pm (or at 9 other events) 

This week, folks on both side of the river will be waving rainbow a lot more often because of Pride week, but do you know where the Pride Flag comes from?

The history of the flag, the LGBTQ culture & community are on show this week, and among those sharing the tale will be Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Pride Flag.

The flag was created in1978, to bring the community together, and help identify them using a symbol that was not affiliated with oppression (like the pink triangle).

The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity, along with the generous support of the U.S. Embassy, will be bringing Gilbert up from New York, to accept a Youth Role Model of the Year award on Aug 20, at 6pm on the Ottawa River, as part of the Pride Boat Cruise.

Gilbert will also be participating in a variety of events, including the Human Rights Vigil & Pride Parade (see full list below).

Media Features:

List of Gilbert’s events:

August 19, 2015

  • 5pm Public Service Alliance of Canada Reception (free & accessible) 
    location: Mirage (158 Prom. Du Portage)

Aug 20, 2015

Aug 22, 2015

Aug 23, 2015

  • 12:45pm March in Pride Parade (free & accessible) Free shirt & amazing crew to march with!
    location 475 Bank Street
  • 3pm Meet & Greet (free & accessible)
    location: Bank & Somerset
  • 3pm Meet & Greet & Mural Making (free & accessible)
    featuring: snacks from Whole Foods Market
    location: Somerset & Bank (331 Somerset)


Disclaimer about the events:
  • We believe that these events will be fabulous, but please note that these events (except for the PRIDE Boat Cruise) are run by partner & friend organizations. As we are not the lead organizer for theses events, we are unable to guarantee the nature of theses event and therefore unable to ensure that theses events will follow our organization’s guideline for creating a positive space. The opinions expressed at these events do not necessarily reflect the views of The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity. Remember that we have we have no reason to belief that anyone will feel unsafe or disrespected at theses events. Have a safe Pride!
  • Should you have any questions or suggestions about these events or this disclaimer, please reach out to us by:
Support Services: