The Days of PINK in the NWT

Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife hosts second annual Days of Pink Outreach Festival

YELLOWKNIFE, NT (March 27, 2017) – In only its second year, Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife (RCYK) has nearly doubled the offerings of the second-annual Days of Pink Outreach Festival.

The festival runs April 9 – 15, coinciding with the national Day of Pink on April 12th 2017 hosted by the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity.

Days of Pink supports queer and trans youth in Yellowknife by providing the public with opportunities to participate in discussions, workshops and panels throughout the week.

Highlights on the schedule include:

  •  The launch of the Rainbow Solidarity Award—an award for a local Yellowknifer who actively supports queer and trans youth in Yellowknife. Nomination forms for the award can be found online at and close on March 31st 2017.
  • a free movie showing at the Capitol Theatre;
  • a facilitated conversation luncheon at Twin Pine Diner;
  • youth open mic; and
  • the first ever Days of Pink Gala, where the Rainbow Solidarity Award will be presented.

Days of Pink also supports parents of queer and trans children to come together to celebrate and learn about their children. “Days of Pink is a great opportunity for parents and allies of queer youth to come together and learn how to support those they love,” said Teresa Joudrie, Parent Director on the Board of Directors for the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife.

With more than 10 confirmed local and national sponsors—including Dominion Diamond Corporation, WestJet and Fierté Montreal Pride—the Days of Pink is organized by the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife and an Organizing Committee, with the support of the City of


“It’s really revolutionary that there’s a whole week dedicated to supporting the needs of queer people, especially queer youth,” explained Damian Benoit, Days of Pink Organizing Committee member and Youth Treasurer for the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife.

Workplaces and schools around Yellowknife are invited to take part in the festival by organizing their own internal events or activities: Sir John Franklin and St. Patrick’s High School are both planning events during the week.

Days of Pink is celebrated as an opportunity for queer and trans youth to express themselves. “As a queer person, Days of Pink make me feel like I can express myself freely,” said organizing committee member Noah Haché, “it encourages other youth to safely express who they are too.”

LGBTQ+ youth. This dialogue session allows local LGBTQ+ and allied youth to share ideas on how leaders can support queer and trans people in Canada. Youth interested in participating in Yellowknife’s session, will which include the participation of the Mayor, City Councillors, and Members of the Legislative Assembly can sign up online at:

Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife is still looking for sponsors and workplaces interested in helping to support the Days of Pink. Interested parties are invited to go online at to learn more.

For Media Inquiries, please contact; Jacq Brasseur, Executive Director (pronouns: they/them, at the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife Work: 867-444-RCYK • Cell: 867-445-5878 , or email

Backgrounders on all aspects of the festival can be found at: